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Alter Enterprise offers an eGauge  installation course…

via remote interactive video conference from our green screen studio in Missoula, MT. The course is designed for beginners to learn the key fundamentals of a smooth installation. The course was written an designed by an experienced eGauge installer.  Below is an outline of the course. Please contact Alter Enterprise for more information.

eGauge Training Course

  1. Safety
    • Code requirements
    • Arc fault protection
  2.  Theory of Operation
  3. How Egauge Measures Energy
    • What are CT’s
  4. How Egauge Talks to the Internet
  5. Networking Fundamentals
    • What is an IP and why is it important
    • Fixed IP vs DHCP
    • Network cabling and devices
  6. Planning Your Install
  7. Best Practices
  8. Troubleshooting
    • Noise and motors
    • Dirty power
    • Egauge and home plugs
  9. Programming and Configuration
    • How to configure Ct’s
    • How to configure virtual registries
    • Configuring your IP address
  10. Final Exam and Certificate Generation