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What is eGauge?

eGauge is a Boulder based manufacture of hardware and software energy monitoring tools.  eGauge provides a low cost means of monitoring and storing energy use data. Data can be easily exported from the device. eGauge hardware can also monitor renewable energy system production and sub loads.

An eGauge provides an easy, flexible, and affordable way of tracking electric energy, for example:

  • Total electricity usage of a building.
  • Local electricity production (solar, wind, etc.)
  • Individual loads (major appliances, geothermal pumps, etc.)

An eGauge supplies immediate feedback with real time updates, offers long term data recording and autonomous operation. The eGauge measures energy & power of various sources, handles forward and reverse power, contains built-in data-logging and web-serving. The price of an eGauge is affordable with no service-contracts required. eGauge devices are reliable, recording data in non-volatile solid-state memory and recovers quickly from power failures. To learn more about eGauge please visit their website.

eGauge’s monitoring solution works for several kinds of renewable energy, including wind and geothermal power, but the major difference between it and other monitors on the market is the product isn’t limited to measuring only the power generated. eGauge also monitors the power a home or business takes in from the grid and can monitor separate circuits that may be responsible for the majority of the power use.“Not only do we tap into what power you are producing and what you are drawing from the grid, but (with each monitoring device) you can add in nine more circuits to see what else is driving energy demand,” Greenan said. The city of Boulder, “is monitoring solar and usage to stay below peak rates, and they’ve been successful cutting their costs and staying below peak rates. “Most systems only give you one half of the information you need.”

The companion driver, eDriver is a driver that integrates smoothly with eGauge and provides control of the information received from the eGauge allowing building managers to make well informed, cost saving decisions.

The eDriver is the ideal tool for feeding data into dashboards or for supplying energy consultants with the real time information they need to educate and inform a client regarding a building energy usage.

The eGauge and eDriver are a professional and more affordable option when compared to other products on the market. The eGauge and eDriver monitor more circuits efficiently and at a lower cost than our competitors.

How can we do this?

Our competitors require a physical connection to the circuit transformers (CT’s) which increase installation costs and decreases system flexibility.  The eGauge produces an XML feed which can be communicated across power lines. This is possible by the use of a plug adapter (part of the eGauge package). The adapter takes the XML information from the eGauge over the power line and pushes it into the internet via a unique URL. The eDriver reads the XML feed and translates it into a wire sheet for analysis. eGauge and the eDriver can monitor up to 12 CT’s.

The eDriver provides 4 helpful and important functions you will not find on other drivers. The eDriver can:

  • Peak  Power on Demand
  • Time of Peaks
  • Reset Peaks
  • (2) “Virtual Meters” these meters can be custom configure by the client to provide additional data. For example: Building Load and/or Solar Generation

The first step in the process to becoming green is to learn more about the power loads in your building and how much energy they actually use. eGuage and eDriver can help your business asses these situations efficiently by providing minimally evasive installations and cost saving advantages. Even businesses that thought they were running efficiently have found areas of savings. As the maxim goes “you cannot manage what you cannot measure”. Egauge and eDriver can help you measure.